Piss allot after having sex

When the after-glow of sex suddenly gives way to an overwhelming urge to pee , an alarm bell goes off in most women's heads: "Oh my god, I've got another urinary tract infection. So if that need to pee wasn't a UTI symptom , what the heck was it? Most of us have been warned about the danger signs of UTIs since we became sexually active, and with good reason: a garden variety UTI can turn from a painful inconvenience into a serious health issue, like a kidney infection , very quickly. And since pelvic pressure and the urgent need to pee are some of the most common early signs of a urinary tract infection , it pays to stay aware of them. Yet many of us have occasionally experienced this feeling of bladder fullness and pressure that doesn't even develop a UTI.
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11 Weird Things That Can Happen to Your Body After Sex (That are No Big Deal)

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Here's why you should always pee after you have sex

From how it smells to how it feels, and everything in between. After all, thinking about the possibility of a UTI after sex is probably the least sexy place your mind could wander, right? Michele C. Of course, if there is a sizable amount of blood, you will absolutely want to let your doctor know, but a few spots here and there are nothing to panic about. It can be caused by inflammation of the cervix , or tiny tears in the vagina after a particularly rough romp. This can especially happen when one or both partners has pubic hair or facial hair, and it can show up in the form of a rash or raw skin irritation. If you feel a little burning or stinging when you pee right after sex and you are always peeing right after sex, right?
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Why does my girlfriend pee after we have sex?

People may have heard that peeing after sex is beneficial, especially for women. This is because peeing flushes bacteria out of the body, which may help prevent a urinary tract from developing. Here, we look at how peeing after sex may help to prevent urinary tract infections. We also discuss whether there are any other benefits to peeing after sex. Sexual intercourse is a risk factor for urinary tract infections UTIs.
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This happens to all women occasionally. Frequent urination can affect you for many reasons. Every woman goes on her own schedule, but generally, peeing 6—8 times every 24 hours is normal. More than that — including peeing a lot at night more than once — and you may have frequent urination. But frequent urination can be just as inconvenient to your day-to-day life.
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